Our mission is to make the Philadelphia Refining Complex the most competitive supplier of refined petroleum products to the markets that we supply.

We will operate a safe, environmentally responsible, profitable business that strives to be a good neighbor in our surrounding community all while providing competitive wages for our employees and value creation for our owners.  We will accomplish this by attracting and retaining top talent from diverse backgrounds, focusing on reliable operations, making quality products, managing our costs and being responsible stewards of capital all with a resolute focus on operational excellence and continuous improvement in all facets of our business.

OUR VISION – Things We Believe, Measure and Manage
Safety and Environmental:  Refining has risk – we must keep our people safe and minimize our impact on the community and the environment or we will lose our right to operate.

Reliable Operations:  Refining profit is cyclical – we have to be ready to run during the peaks if we are to survive the valleys.

Quality and Cost:  Refining is competitive – we must make quality products while minimizing our operating costs if we hope to be in business for the long term.

Capital Stewardship: Refining is capital intensive – we must identify the right projects, plan them methodically and execute them flawlessly if we expect our owners, banks and the capital markets to provide the capital necessary to maintain and grow our business. Workforce Development:  Refining requires a talented and dedicated workforce with diverse skill-sets and backgrounds – we must hire the best and brightest and nurture their development if we hope to achieve our goals.

Continuous Improvement:  Refining is subject to changing commodity markets – in order to prosper, we must be able to adapt to that change – we will drive a culture of continuous improvement by training our people in the tools of change and providing opportunities to use those tools.